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Being a vegan is a road with obstacles, but instead of pointing at those obstacles, it is time to adjust those obstacles. Cause if you want change, you can’t just talk.

PLAUAT STUDIO grew out of that feeling, looking at how we can move obstacles and get people interested from the angle that we can all do better, not only for the animals, but also for ourselves and the planet.

What is PLAUAT? We are a search engine for Vegan and Eco-friendly products. Many times we have asked vegans what they consider to be the biggest nuisance of being vegan, and the overwhelming majority say it is the time spent at the shops or searching online for products that do not include animals. When we asked people why they stopped being vegan, they said the pressure of finding vegan products that were similar to the non-vegan product they were used to. You must know how this feels.

Role (In Collaboration with Soahn Design, Seoul)

Concept, Co-ordinator, Research, Art Director


2019 / ongoing

Who is PLAUAT? We are a group of vegans from the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan, we have started this long-overdue app to promote vegan/eco-friendly products. So no matter if you are vegan for the animals, If you are a ‘vegan by diet’, ‘vegan by lifestyle’, or an ethical vegan, no matter how involved you are, the reason you are on this page is because you care.

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