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Story telling has many ways of expression. With printed works, it is a moment captured in time.

With Film you can capture so much more, with the movement of the camera, the light, the shadow. The Sound and the edit, you can add so much more to the story. And make the expression be an imprint that last way longer.

Music Video: F*ck That Smile

The music video tells the story of a travel who is stuck on the planet. and at the time of departure sees the ship, which would take the travel back home, crash and burn. After search for the place the plane crash, the travel get’s confronted by the burned ship and the dead of a companion traveler. The feel of lost and trying to find strength in a new surrounding. 

Filmed location: Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Castelnuovo Di Garfagnana (Italy) and Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Concept, Director, DOP, Editing, Color Grading, Costume Design.



Art Film: Prompt

Prompt is a short art movie created for the 30DII project, Third Edition. 

The concept of the film is about the two most common behaviors of human motivation: Fear & Curiosity. The Film is made so it will loop, there is no start nor an ending. It is the constant fight between those two emotions.

Film location: Enka Fabriek, ​Ede (Netherlands)


Concept, Direct, DOP, Editing, Color Grading, Set Building



Art Film:  Gloat

Gloat is a short art movie, which shows two man stuck in purgatory. Who have long talks where one person (an arrogant man) tries to constantly convince  the second person ( a nervous man) of his ideologies. The stress for the second person makes him see a shape which makes it hard for him to focus and breathe.

Film location: Lond (England) 


Concept, Editing, Color Grading



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